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T1 lines are becoming more cost effective all the time. Only a few years ago, the T1 line that would have cost you more than $600 per month is now available in many areas for under $300 per month. Why is this the case? It is because of the basic economics of supply and demand, and the demand is higher which lowers pricing, even in a less-than-stellar economy. 

While T1 service is very cost effective and increases productivity for just about any business operation, you need to be careful in many respects. For example, with the increasing number of home businesses and telecommuting that exist today, does that mean that a T1 circuit is appropriate for a home business or even a residential environment? No. In fact, there are many carriers and/or LEC's that will not even install this type of high speed Internet access  into a residential setting, and a residential or home business setting rarely has the real bandwidth needs that can effectively utilize the feature set that these types of circuits can offer. 

Many people are led to believe that their broadband needs can be adequately met by DSL and cable solutions. But nothing could be further from the truth. DSL and cable are designed to be unreliable and they are SHARED circuits, where even with the “business class” hype (which is really, for the most part, only marketing hype), your DSL or cable connection is still being shared amongst 50-100+ other businesses and residences in your area, meaning that you have NO dedicated access. This also means that you have NO guaranteed bandwidth availability, NO guaranteed uptime, NO guaranteed repair time in case of problems, and NO recourse if the circuit is too slow to be useful. Do you really want to risk your business and online presence to something that MAY work but has no guarantees? Remember that the only way DSL and cable providers really make money is to over-subscribe those services, which for the true residential user, is usually more than adequate. 

As recently as a few years ago, a high speed line such as a T1 circuit might have been viewed as a mere luxury. But with increasingly complex web based services and the increasing popularity of online applications such as Google Docs, remote desktop applications, FTP sites, and professional web presence to your customers, reliable and dependable connections are fast becoming the industry standard. When talking about DSL and cable, you cannot put “reliable”, “dependable”, and “consistent” adjectives in the same sentence. 

T1 Internet lines are like real estate, where they say it’s all location, location, location. In very metro locations such as many cities, this can be very inexpensive, sometimes even under $300 per month. But in very rural locations, that same circuit, perhaps even from the same carrier, could be over $700 per month. One of the keys to remember though is that for any given location, if you can get a phone line there, chances are better than 99% that you can get a high-speed dedicated Internet line there too. 

But all business T1 lines are not created equally. This site only represents first tier carriers who have demonstrated that they do indeed provide the circuit performance and customer service that should be associated with a reliable Internet connection But as with any other commodity, you can always find a lower price. What you need to ask yourself is whether or not the price is really lower. If you are spending 2-3 hours a week on the phone with the carrier to straighten out a billing problem or find out why the circuit is down, based on your hourly wage from your employer, how much have you really spent for that circuit? You purchased your dedicated access to solve problems and create more productivity, not to create more problems.

If you need more than a simple T1 for your business or perhaps you want to add a phone system and PBX to your setup, your incremental upgrade path is a bonded T1, or if it is available at your location, you could opt for Ethernet.

The beauty of this for you is that you can do all this shopping from this single site. We represent over 40 first tier and top tier carriers and service providers, and based on the volume of business we provide for them every month as a Platinum Master Agency, we can guarantee you the best pricing possible, even if you go to the carrier directly! Let our telecom consultants work with you to understand what you want to accomplish and make recommendations for your most cost effective solutions today,